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Bootstrap v5.1.1 has landed with a handful of bug fixes and documentation improvements. Following this release, we’ll be shipping another bugfix and docs update before moving onto additional new features. Keep reading for the highlights. Highlights Fixed broken .bg-body utility. This was caused by the same --body-rgb CSS variable for both text and background. --body-rgb is now split into --body-color-rgb and --body-bg-rgb for proper usage. While this could be considered a breaking change, the current implementation was outright broken, so we’ve chosen to address this head-on. All CSS dist builds now include _root.scss and all our :root-level CSS variables. The goal here is consistency across the distribution files so that no matter what CSS build you use, you have the same level of customization potential. Updated global options page to document $enable-smooth-scroll variable. Added callout to the Stacks page about gap browser support with flexbox.
Cleaned up documentation and usage of disabled links, especially for based buttons.
Fixed toggle between modal regression. See docs example. Fixed regression in tooltips where content doesn’t update after the first show().
Fixed collapse toggle unintentionally hiding descendant tab panels.
Improved Alerts live example documentation. Updated $dropdown-link-hover-color to modify the $dropdown-link-color instead of base $gray-900 variable for improved customization.
Clarified JavaScript import usage for our Webpack guide. About Sass compilers
We’ve had a number of Visual Studio users mention that Sass compiling for Bootstrap 5.1.0 is broken when using the Web Compiler extension. This extension hasn’t been updated in more than five years, so we recommend moving to a newer alternative. Some users mentioned the Sass Compiler extension as a successful alternative. If you have additional recommendations, please leave a comment to share.